At the MAP Executive Board Meeting (December 14, 2012) Patrick Baidel stepped down as MAP President. Patrick was MAP President since December 1999. MAP Vice President, Richard Heins, was elected as the NEW MAP President.

Pictured from left to right: Michael Hawkins - MAP Treasurer, Patrick Baidel - Former MAP President, Richard Heins - Former MAP Vice President/NEW MAP President and Ricky Day-MAP Secretary. 

Also, congratulations to newly elected MAP Vice President Michael Harris (not pictured).

Thank You to Pat for all your years of service and support. Congratulations to all!


Some Sanity Returns to Lansing

 After public employees have been taking hit after hit in recent years in the state legislature, it appears as though some sanity may have returned to Lansing. Representative John Walsh, along with numerous other co-sponsors, has introduced House Bill 5780: legislation that would amend the 2011 version of Public Act 54. In short, this will restore retroactivity in arbitration awards for public employees eligible to participate in compulsory arbitration of labor disputes. The bill has been referred to the Committee on Judiciary. The bill, in its entirety, can be found on the Michigan legislature website: www.legislature.mi.gov


2012 Golf Outing

The 22nd Annual Carl Parsell Scholarship Memorial Golf Outing was held Thursday June 14, 2012 at the Links of Novi Golf Course. The perfect golfing weather! Over $4,000 in gifts and prizes were given out and four $1000 scholarships were also awarded.

The proceeds from this golf outing are used for direct funding of the MAP/MAPE/MAFF Carl Parsell Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund has been set up in memory of our founder, Carl Parsell who passed away in October of 1990.

A huge Thank You to All!     Hope to see you next year!

Public Acts 63 and 152 Appropriations Bill Update

The Michigan Legislature has an annual Appropriations Bill that is necessary on an annual basis to run the government. In 2011 the Appropriations Bill was called Public Act 63, which is actually a series of appropriations bills, and it affects every branch of government because all expenses are budgeted within this Act.

The revenue sharing portion of the Bill sets the guidelines for the Economic Vitality Improvement Program (EVIP) and contains three categories important to all public employees:
Category 1 - requires transparency in local govermnent. Examples of compliance includes public viewing of Collective Bargaining Agreements, Notice of Public Meetings, How to contact public officials, etc.;
Category 2 - requires plans for the, sharing of services, Cooperation with other governmental entities, etc.;
Category 3 - which required a sunset provision for pension and health care, is renewed annually for each fiscal year. The good news for public employees is that the language offensive to public employees in Category 3 has been eliminated from the latest appropriations law, Public Act 107 for the current state fiscal year 2012. PA 152 only applies to active employees, but employers are attempting to change it to make it applicable to retirees also. This includes premium sharing for health care.

MAP is constantly on the alert to keep up with the efforts of legislators in Lansing to reduce employees and retirees benefits and we are doing our best to protect the rights of public employees in Michigan.