The Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act (EFM) was signed into law by Governor Snyder at the end of the day yesterday, the 16th•

House Bills 4309-4312 - Passed out of the Local and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee this morning with 9 Republican votes and Zero Democratic votes.

4309 - This bill eliminates seniority and existing contract terms in any consolidation move related to emergency services

4310 - Deals with Public transit

4311 - Eliminates the protections for seniority and benefits in the Intergovernmental Transfer Act

4312 - Eliminates protections for seniority and benefits in the Urban Cooperation Act

Senate Bill 007 was up for a committee hearing on Wednesday, the 16th before the Senate Refonns Committee. This bill calls for 20% cost sharing on health care. No votes were taken and the committee will consider the bill again next week. We need to address some of the issues raised in Committee. Republican Senators believe employee concessions are the exception, not the rule. We know differently.

House Bill 4059 was passed out of the House Oversight and Reform Committee on a straight party-line vote with all Republicans Yes and all Dems No. This bill would prohibit public employer contracts that pay union officials for time conducting union business. This bill is aimed at 12 school districts that pay the President of the MEA local to conduct union business. The target is the teachers, unfortunately we are dragged down in the effort. We are working with legislators to craft a "law enforcement" exemption

HB 4152 - This bill which would stop step increases when a contract has expired and shift to the employee any increases in health care after a contract expires was passed out of the Senate Education Committee on a straight party-line vote, Republicans YES, Democrats NO. The full Senate will consider the bill next week.

No other bills on our list saw activity this week.