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While everyone recognizes the need to address rising health care costs, Employers still have to abide by the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Arbitrator Stanley Dobry ruled in favor of MAP and the Waterford Association of Police and ordered that MAP members be made whole in a Grievance Arbitration that was filed in November 2009. The ruling only recently came in.

By unilaterally introducing a self-funded prescription drug plan, the Employer gained an unfair pricing competition, and upset the careful balance struck at the bargaining table. If the Employer decides to carry all of the risk, then the Employer rolls the dice that there will not be any extraordinary claims that will result in payment of large costs. Or, if the Employer chooses, it can “hedge its bet” by purchasing stop loss insurance that will protect against large unexpected claims. Since the Employer became self-funded, the Employer adjusted its stop loss insurance twice, adversely affecting the premium sharing arrangement for MAP members. 

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Through most of his working life, steelworker Ray West looked toward a secure retirement.

His company pension was expected to bring in around $30,000 a year, his union contract promised retiree health coverage and he had 401(k) savings of about $50,000.

Three years ago, it unraveled. His company filed for bankruptcy. The collapse reduced his expected pension to around $5,000 a year and canceled his retiree health insurance. And, in three years of unemployment since then, West of Hazel Park blew through the entire $50,000 in his 401(k) just getting by as he trained for a new career.

To view PDF of DPOA vs. City of Detroit click here.

Sixth Circuit Court Ruling Stands - Cops Must be Paid

The U.S. Supreme Court recently declined to hear a Cleveland case that raised the question whether cities can deny police comp time solely to avoid having to pay overtime to a substitute officer. The decision let stand the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling ordering the cities to let the officer take the time off even if they have to pay overtime to another officer to take over his shift.

Officers should review their Collective Bargaining Agreements and as well as any other agreements with their individual department's before going forward with cases which, on the surface, may seem similar. As always, MAP should be consulted to review strategies prior to making any demands.